Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Final Art Piece- Issues Inspiration.

464784178.jpg (415×415)
This sign represents family violence. The kid in the middle shows parents to look out for their kids and that the kids are still in the house.
kcMb7gzoi.jpg (425×412)
This sign represents recycling. I have chosen this image because I could show the cycle of family violence: Parents fighting, children living in fear and then the children becoming violent people.
starbucks-logo-zoom.gif (400×400)
This sign represents the cafe starbucks. I have chosen this image because I thought for a moment that I could do something like this but with a family in the middle holding hands with the title: Happy Family.
zyTo6MjiE.jpeg (275×275)
This sign represents wheelchair parking. I have chosen this image because I thought for a moment that I could do something like this saying help those in need for stopping. 
clip_art_litter.gif (400×401)
This sign represents throw away your rubbish. I have chosen this image because I thought for a moment that I could do something like this which could be like: Your throwing away your family.
KTnExjxTq.jpeg (425×373)
This sign represents help the elderly. I have chosen this image because I could do something like this which could be like help the family.
rTnK88q6c.png (600×600)
This sign represents no parking. I have chosen this image because I thought for a moment that I could do something like this: stop taking your family's place in life.

31794923-Stop-the-Family-Fight-Concept-sign-to-avoid-or-end-domestic-violence-with-children-as-main-victims-Stock-Photo.jpg (945×1300)
A very obvious sign that represents stop family violence. The parents are fighting and are separated and the children are running and crying. 
flammable-29537959.jpg (1300×1390)
This sign represents no smoking in this area. I have included this image because I could do a house that is on fire: You house is this when there is family violence.
8040C-ISO symbol.png (270×270)
This sign represents stop walking for a moment. I have included this image because I could do a sign that has two people fighting with  a cross on it.

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Final Art Piece- Art Inspiration.

p_dreamstime_8058369.jpg (360×360)
This child is scared of his or hers parents and is hiding from them in fear. The message for this artwork is: Do you really want your children to live in fear, what you make them is what you are. Also there is blood on the child's fingers. This piece of art is separated into three different spaces, the door, the child and the blank space.

j0252603.gif (183×186)
This man is cutting down a tree which is a home for birds and animals. Since my issue is family violence when there is violence in a home it is almost like the house is being cut down or breaking apart.
aa301547e12b2979ed298aecbc6a92e2.jpg (570×570)
This picture shows how cute  and good it is to be a whole and happy family. When there is family violence everything is breaks apart and your tree or home in other words becomes a territory and a fight for the most of it and the tree or home.
mosaique-art-abstrait.jpg (2592×2592)
I like this artwork because the lines coming out of the center is like an explosion, it almost looks like a star crashing into the sun and that a picture was taken in the middle of the explosion; as you can see there is lots of line coming out of the explosion. This art really captures my eye.
B1326FE173965449448006254592_1ab2e8d419d.3_6TMhdvKvabKehDtu.zenKkJ.x2Vc3hBAwrURjGGBDUw_1xLx64N2otp1YKIVmyGt.jpg (263×200)
This image has lots of line and pattern, the fox is made of lots of curvy, colourful lines that join together creating the fox itself. There is also a pattern if you look at the lines, all of them have more lines that curve upwards.
77d48616f3d6dd4ba406b5a9525c898d.jpg (236×233)
This piece of art is amazing, it has form since the cat is climbing the blinds and it looks very realistic because of the texture in it. The cat has been drawn on refel and the refel lines are the blinds.
97e62d72d8efbc039e213ecc9808b450.jpg (600×473)
This is like the best piece of arty I've ever seen, it has line and emphasis. Since it is drawn and not coloured in the lines are easily seen and the arm is drawn a little darker so you can look how it is holding on to the drawer. VERY realistic.
1379529670819181.jpg (450×500)
The artist has wanted you to see all the colours and the sun stands out the most and it lights up the tree in the dark.
color.jpg (1920×1080)
The artist has wanted you to see all the colours and the swirls. A happy bright painting since the colours are bright and look smooth and not sharp.

hd_9ad578fd7a66c4f1a4be40acd18ac3e3.jpg (1200×960)
I like how this painting has a dark background showing lots emphasis. The artist has made it clear that he or she wants you to see the purple, pink and blue spiral, also the black hole in the middle makes you think what's in it. I might use something like this to make it clear what I want people to look at. It also looks a little evil such as family violence which is bad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Final Art Piece - Inquiring

For my issue about family violence, I have chosen three guiding inquiry questions to help me find out more about it.

    They are:
    1. How big are the statistics in family violence?
    2. How does family violence impact on the children who live with it?
    3. What are the main causes that trigger family violence?

    I will be recording my inquiry notes in a google doc which you can see here:

    I will be checking my groups notes and seeing how I can help them and they will do the same to me.  If you have any comments, please add them below.

    My Final Art Piece- The Beginning

    • Over the past few days we have been looking at issues that we are concerned about in our own lives and in our world around us.
    • Today, I looked at "What I Care About" to identify things I really care about that I could use as a base for my final art piece.
    • These are the things I wrote that I care about: The future, people destroying the environment, family violence, animals, water supply.
    • From this, I have chosen to focus on family violence.
    • I have chosen this issue because family violence is not okay. You're suppose to care about your family and you need to tell someone. Use words, not fists.
    • We will be working in small focus groups so we can help each other through the process.  The people in my group are:

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016


    Who We Are

    Camp Questions:
    1.How have you grown as a person and team player from camp?

    Camp has helped me try new things and what it is like to work with other people during long hours of activities. I've realised i have to always include myself  and to always help my group and other people.

    2.What were your highlights?

    In sling shot i got one of my balls in the blue circle giving my team 2000 points.I had to go on my knee on the giants ladder so Arthur could get higher.

    3.If you had to give some advice to future year 7's about the whole camp experience what would it be and why?

    Try not to cause lots of arguments and to give things your all,also try to do to some things that might seem tough because camp and the future holds a variety of different and difficult tasks.